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Trading Times: 08h00 - 18h00
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Renovations & Alterations​

Residential Services

  • Full renovations
  • New dwellings
  • Remodelling & Additions
  • Interior designs & Conversions
  • Project Management

  • Commercial Offering

    a- Building extensions
    b- Demolitions
    c- Facilities Maintenance
    d- Technical Designs & Architectural Models
    e- Tenant Units Improvement
    f- Office Refurbishment & Design Spaces

    Contract Services

  • Project Management
  • Technical Consulting
  • Painting
  • Tiling
  • Dry walling & Partitioning
  • Electrical services
  • Plumbing

  • (1) Renovations & Alterations

    Home Improvements Ideas

    1. Remodelling the Kitchen

    Kitchen is considered the heart beat of the home, and because of this to update this room pays off. You can recoup budget portion of your investment on a kitchen remodel given that you do not go overboard. You may consider using low-VOC paint this makes your kitchen more eco-friendly helping your family avoid breathing toxic chemicals like benzene, off gas from fresh paint. Replace old appliances with energy star rated appliances better for the environment and saves you money.

    2. Bathroom Addition

    If your home has one bathroom you can recoup a chunk your budget adding another en-suite. When comes to finding room in your property for extra bathroom, take look for any extra room or underutilized spaces, like closets or areas under stairs too. See these bathrooms designs and remodelling ideas to get you started.

    3. Reinventing rooms

    Existing spaces in your home can be remodelled to save you money, finish basement or convert the attics to bedroom, or garages which can be rented out. Versatile rooms have great appeal to buyers when considering selling in future; basement works well as second room or game rooms. Attic spaces if got kids can be a cool play area; with high ceiling you may add swings to the rafters.

    4. Adding Energy-efficient Windows

    These days buyers shop for homes with energy efficiency in mind, old drafty single pan windows are major turn off. Energy star claims that adding energy star rated windows can save you millions in heating and cooling costs by making your home more energy efficient. Your charcoal, bronze and natural aluminium powder coated windows with double shutter proof glazing are trendier as best alternatives.

    5. Deck Addition

    Adding a deck increases the market value of your home; outdoor living spaces have become more desirable, especially since more people work from home and stay home for vacation. If you design your deck and backyard more appealing to prospective buyers when you decide to sell, it remains a future value property which always appreciates market value. Costs vary with what you intend installing ranging from size, and how many bells and whistles you want added. Like built-in seating and flower pots, not to leave out fire pits.

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